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Welcome to the TFS Follow Branch History Project.


The goal of this project is to fulfill the missing feature of full branch history of items in TFS explorer GUI.




New GUI.png

It is true that the TFS team supplied the great "Team Foundation Power Toys", which contains the history command with its "/followbranches" option, but it is a step back from Visual Source Safe - where you can have it with GUI and with the option to view and compare versions without the command line.


We have a NEW RELEASE!, it is waiting for you on the Releases Tab.
This new release improves the GUI and the Functionality.
Those improvments were developed by mlabelle and eyal and merged by me.

Please download and lets start to talk about it.

How you can help

I guess that the lifetime of this project isn't going to be so long, as I hope most of its features are going to be delivered out of the box on Rosario.

Anyway, I think that most of the basic features has be done: Improving View function, Labels etc.
But as always you are more then welcome to suggets more wanted features.

If you want to join this project, please leave a message on the "Request for Membership" Discussion board.

Yonatan Leonov
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